political science

Gale Political Science Thesaurus

The Gale Political Science Thesaurus is a subset of the master Gale Social Sciences Thesaurus in the narrower domain of the development, arrangement, and conduct of government, as well as the theories and the study of these processes. Also included are levels and kinds of government (local government, democracy, despotism, absolutism or tyranny), processes (elections), related activities (lobbyists, methods of change), movements (the American Civil Rights Movement), and actions such as misconduct in office. This thesaurus does not cover laws or legal procedures.

Systematik der Annotierten Bibliografie der Politikwissenschaft

"Die Systematik wurde 1995 entwickelt und ist ein Spiegel ihrer Zeit, sie lässt sich begrenzt und sehr behutsam verändern. Jedes Buch wird von uns mit einer Hauptrubrik und bis zu 10 Nebenrubriken versehen. In Kombination mit den weiteren Suchkriterien erweist sich die Systematik als unverzichtbares Rechercheinstrument."

"The system was developed in 1995 and is a mirror of its time, it can be limited and very carefully changed. Each book is provided by us with a main rubric and up to 10 secondary rubrics. In combination with the other search criteria, the system proves to be an indispensable research tool. "

Thesaurus of Political Science Indexing Terms

"The Thesaurus of Political Science Indexing Terms contains an alphabetical listing of Main Term descriptors used for indexing and searching the PS database and printed index, beginning with the May 2002 issue. Efforts were made to preserve the terminology of the controlled vocabularies used in the backfiles of ABC POL SCI and IFI/Plenum Political Science Abstracts. Associated term relationships are displayed under each Main Term. These may include a Descriptor Code, Scope Note, Use For and Use references, Broader Terms and Narrower Terms, and Related Terms.

Institut d'Études Politiques de Lyon Mots-clés

"Il est possible de rechercher via une interrogation avec quelques lettres d'un mot soit dans l'ensemble des mots-clés soit dans l'une des 4 catégories proposées: anthropo (noms de personnalités), géographie (nom de villes, régions, pays...), matières (noms communs) et organismes (nom d'entreprise, de parti politique, d'ONG...). La liste des réponses permet de visualiser le mot-clé, de connaître son père et sa catégorie. La notice de chaque mot-clé permet de rebondir sur les articles qui lui sont associés."

"It is possible to search through a query with a few letters of a word either in the set of keywords or in one of the 4 categories proposed: anthropo (names of personalities), geography (names of cities, regions, Countries ...), subjects (common names) and organizations (company name, political party, NGO ...) The list of answers allows to visualize the key word, to know its father and its category .The notice of each keyword allows to bounce on the articles associated with it. "

Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research Thesaurus

"The ICPSR Thesaurus is a controlled vocabulary system composed of three separate lists: Subject Thesaurus, Personal Names Authority List, and Geographic Names Thesaurus. Subject Thesaurus is an alphabetical listing of social science subject terms. The scope of this thesaurus is multidisciplinary and is intended to reflect the subject range of the ICPSR archive. Social science disciplines represented include: political science, sociology, history, economics, education, criminal justice, gerontology, demography, public health, law, and international relations.