Gale Food, Cooking and Nutrition Thesaurus

The Gale Food, Cooking and Nutrition Thesaurus is a subset of the master Gale Health and Medicine Thesaurus in the narrower domain of foods and beverages consumed by humans or animals; the noncommercial production, processing, cooking, and serving of those foods and beverages, and the related human or animal nutrition, including the non-medical study of nutrition and the non-medical application of nutritional principles.

Thésaurus Culinaire

"Ce projet a pour objet de constituer plusieurs thésaurus pour Lightroom en français, hiérarchisés, et avec des synonymes (et si possible la traduction anglaise dans les synonymes). Les thésaurus peuvent toucher un domaine précis utile au photographe, et pourront être compilés dans un super thésaurus de vocabulaire contrôlé (qui s'appelera Super Thesaurus Rex). (...)

Coquillages et crustacés
Styles de cuisine
Types de cuisson
Farines et graines
Ustensiles de cuisine"


"I·ATE is an interactive multilingual glossary on culinary terms that allows to share common knowledge, discover and preserve related concepts widespread across Europe. (...) I·ATE works on the basis of the relationship between the concept and its designations in the European multilingual environment. The glossary presents a culinary term and its equivalents in the countries in which the concept exists. Every term is linked to a map displaying a geographical area that indicates how gastronomy can go beyond national borders.

Europeana Food and Drink Classification

"The Europeana Food and Drink Classification scheme (EFD classification) is a multi-dimensional scheme for discovering and classifying Cultural Heritage Objects (CHO) related to Food and Drink (FD). To support the broadest possible range of re-use models, we are building upon existing terminologies to develop and apply a multilingual taxonomy for FD collections which will be used to tag, discover and aggregate relevant material by theme."

LanguaL™ Thesaurus

"The thesaurus provides a standardised language for describing foods, specifically for classifying food products for information retrieval. (...) As constructed, LanguaL™ is a multilingual thesaural system using facetted classification. Each food is described by a set of standard, controlled terms chosen from facets characteristic of the nutritional and/or hygienic quality of a food, as for example the biological origin, the methods of cooking and conservation, and technological treatments."