Unified Code for Units of Measure

"The Unified Code for Units of Measure is a code system intended to include all units of measures being contemporarily used in international science, engineering, and business. The purpose is to facilitate unambiguous electronic communication of quantities together with their units. The focus is on electronic communication, as opposed to communication between humans. A typical application of The Unified Code for Units of Measure are electronic data interchange (EDI) protocols, but there is nothing that prevents it from being used in other types of machine communication.

Vocabulari internacional de metrologia

"El Vocabulari internacional de metrologia recull la terminologia de la traducció catalana del Vocabulari internacional de metrologia. Conceptes fonamentals i generals i termes associats, 3a ed. (VIM3). L'obra va ser traduïda per l’Associació Catalana de Ciències de Laboratori Clínic, amb l’assessorament terminològic del TERMCAT, i es va publicar l'any 2012.

"The international vocabulary of metrology reflects the terminology of the Catalan translation of the International Vocabulary of Metrology. Fundamental concepts and associated terms and generals, 3rd ed. (VIM3). The work was translated by the Catalan Association of Clinical Laboratory Sciences with advice TERMCAT terminology, and published in 2012. this vocabulary contains 144 Catalan terms of this specific field of knowledge with the definitions corresponding equivalents in Spanish, French and Portuguese, and the reference code that identifies each section VIM3 terms.