materials technology

Gale Materials Technology Thesaurus

The Gale Materials Technology Thesaurus is a subset of the master Gale Technology Thesaurus in the narrower domain of the development, production, and use of metals, polymers, ceramics, semiconductors, and other materials in manufacturing, and the processes and technologies associated with them. Topics may include such things as film solar cells, super critical water oxidation, semiconductor developments, and other diverse processes and technologies. All thesaural relationships (BT/NT, RT, USE/UF) are included, and some terms have scope notes.


"Der Eigenschaften-Quellen-Index weist Datenbanken, Nachschlagewerke und Websites für physiko-chemische und andere stoffbezogene Eigenschaften (Daten, Definition, Messung) nach. Er ist als System zweier verschränkter Thesauri für physikalische Eigenschaften und chemische Systeme realisiert. Physikalische Eigenschaften: 855 Deskriptoren, 347 Synonyme, 126 Facetten. Angegeben werden Eigenschaftsname, Synonyme und Übersetzungen, eine Definition sowie gebräuchliche Symbole und physikalische Einheiten gemäss IUPAC "Green Book". Chemische Systeme: Noch im Aufbau begriffen.

"The properties-source index provides databases, reference works, and websites for physico-chemical and other material-related properties (data, definition, measurement), realized as a system of two entangled thesauri for physical properties and chemical systems , 347 synonyms, 126 facets, the following are given: property names, synonyms and translations, a definition and common symbols and physical units according to the IUPAC "Green Book." 326 descriptors, 70 synonyms Sources: Round 830 Sources: Databases, reference books, websites, etc.