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Systematik Medienwissenschaft, Darstellende Kunst, Theater, Tanz, Artistik, Film, Rundfunk, Hörfunk, Fernsehen

"Die 'alte' Systematik für den Bereich Medienwissenschaft in der Bibliothek der Universität Konstanz war den Anforderungen des sich schnell entwickelnden Faches nicht mehr gewachsen, die Aufstellung zu grob, eine differenzierte Recherche nicht möglich. Wir wollten unseren Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftlern und der großen Zahl der Studierenden im Fach Medienwissenschaft die Bestände attraktiv und gut gegliedert präsentieren und haben uns daher entschlossen, eine komplett neue Systematik zu entwickeln.

"The 'old' system for the field of media science in the library of the University of Konstanz was no longer up to the requirements of the rapidly developing subject, the list was too coarse, a differentiated research was not possible, we wanted to thank our scientists and the large number of researchers The library of the University of Constance under the leadership of Ralph Hafner (specialist for media science) in cooperation with the university The media in Stuttgart (Prof. B. Hütter and Prof. Dr. R. Stang) and the Department of Media Studies at the University of Konstanz (Prof. Dr. B.

Key Words for Digital Newsphoto Archives

"This basic list of Enhancement Terms for electronic photo archiving has its roots in the Library of Congress Thesaurus for Graphic Materials (1987 edition). A task force from the Special Libraries Association-News Division selected words from that list in 1994. Tribune Company news librarians refined that list, to which other newspapers, most notably the Columbus Dispatch and the Toronto Star and Sun, made additions. Another task force from the S.L.A. News Division considered all these changes and authorized this list, which was accepted by the S.L.A.


"NewsIndexer uses a broad and deep taxonomy to reflect the news media's evolving coverage of topics. Developed by our team of expert taxonomists, NewsIndexer supports automatic news filtering or assists human indexers in tagging subjects for individual news articles. Identification of the topics and concepts in each article inline, as well as for the article as a whole, leverages search and discovery while maintaining high accuracy, precision, and recall. The result is an unparalleled tool for enhancing discoverability of content.

WITNESS Media Archive Topic Terms

"At present, only our Topic Terms are accessible online, but we will be adding our other vocabularies in the near future. This thesaurus of topic terms is exportable in various XML schemas. We welcome others to use and adapt these terms for their own purposes. Included in the Topics are broad concepts (e.g. Accountability, Due Process, Women’s Rights) as well as more literal or visually descriptive terms (e.g. Scenics and Beauty Shots, Crowds). Some terms are applicable in both senses (e.g. Water).