Poesía Medieval Castellana

"Vocabulario Controlado sobre poesía medieval castellana (desde métrica a terminología general de tratadística) elaborado en el marco de los proyectos del grupo PoeMetca,"

"Controlled Vocabulary on Castilian medieval poetry (from metric to general terminology of tratadística) elaborated in the framework of the projects of the group PoeMetca,"

Genrethesaurus ten behoeve van de ontsluiting van bewaarcollecties kinderboeken

Betekenis afkortingen
Lijst van genres voor audiovisueel materiaal
Hierarchisch overzicht van de Bijzondere boekvormen
Register van voorkeurstermen"

abbreviations meaning
List of genres of audiovisual material
Hierarchical view of the special book form
Register of preferred terms"

ATU Types of Folktales

"In 'The Types of International Folktales', the 'ATU Catalogue' edited by Hans-Jörg Uther (2004), ATU numbers replace AT numbers. And ATU (from the surname initials of Aarne, Thompson, and Uther) allows 'the type numbers that have been in use for nearly one hundred years [to] remain unchanged,' says Uther. To allow that and to accomplish that are two different things, though, for at least one Norwegian folktale that is well over a hundred years, is missing completely in the new ATU system. Its old AT number (211*) has disappeared.

Motif-Index of Folk-Literature

"Folklorists also use motif to refer to the recognizable and consistently repeated story elements (e.g., common characters, objects, actions, and events) that are used in the traditional plot structures, or tale types, of many stories and folktales. These motifs, which Dr. Margaret Read Macdonald calls 'each small part of a tale,' (.) were indexed in 1932 by Stith Thompson and published as the Motif-lndex of Folk-Literature.