BGS Geoscience Thesaurus

"The BGS Geoscience Thesaurus contains approximately 6000 descriptor terms for concepts in the geoscience and related subjects. Some entries have scope notes to further explain the term. The original source of the data was the Australian Mineral Foundation thesaurus of geoscience; some terms have been added or updated to suit BGS needs and the content will continue to be updated as required. The thesaurus includes synonyms to descriptor terms, hierarchical relationships, symmetric (see also) relationships and lapsed (deprecated) term replacements."

U.S. Geological Survey Library Classification System

"The U.S. Geological Survey Library classification system has been designed for earth science libraries. It is a tool for assigning call numbers to earth science and allied pure science materials in order to collect these materials into related subject groups on the library shelves and arrange them alphabetically by author and title. The classification can be used as a retrieval system to access materials through the subject and geographic numbers.

Geologische Bundesanstalt Thesaurus

"Der Thesaurus enthält Begriffe, wie sie in den Text-Publikationen und geologischen Karten der Bundesanstalt verwendet werden. Alle Begriffe haben eigene http-Webadressen, welche als Hyperlinks für Online-Texte, in Webanwendungen, oder als Attribute zu Geodaten verwendet werden können. Jeder einzelne Begriff kann auch mehrere alternative Namen besitzen, und ist in seiner Bedeutung (Semantik) durch übergeordnete, untergeordnete und verwandte Begriffe festgelegt.

"The thesaurus contains terms, as used in the text publications and geological maps of the Federal Institution, all of which have their own http web addresses, which can be used as hyperlinks for online texts, in web applications, or as attributes for geodata Single term can also have several alternative names, and is defined in its meaning (semantics) by superior, subordinate, and related terms.

U.S. Geological Survey Thesaurus

"The USGS Thesaurus is the principal controlled vocabulary supporting Science Topics. It is designed as a formal thesaurus conforming to ANSI/NISO Z39.19, with rigid adherence to the hierarchical (BT, NT) term relationships, generic non-hierarchical (RT) relationships, and lead-in term relationships linking non-preferred terms to descriptors either singly (UF) or in a compound USE-WITH relationship. The thesaurus is faceted, meaning its top terms delineate general aspects of information resources: Sciences: Major educational fields, fields of study, and professional groupings within USGS.