"Lapponica-asiasanasto on Rovaniemen kirjaston vuosikymmenien kuluessa kokoama erikoisasiasanasto, jota käytetään Lapin maakuntakokoelman ja sitä laajemman pohjoiskalottikokoelman sisällönkuvailuun. Erikoista asiasanastossa on varsinkin saamelaisiin liittyvä terminologia. Erikoisasiasanaston laatimisen syy on ollut tarve termeille, joita on ollut vaikea kuvata yleisempien asiasanojen avulla. Asiasanastossa on mukana myös laajemman arktisen alueen sanoja ja jonkin verran pohjoisiin suomalais-ugrilaisiin sukukansoihin liittyviä termejä."

"Lapponica thesaurus is within Rovaniemi library's decades-edited a special vocabulary that is used to Lapland collection and the wider pohjoiskalottikokoelman for indexing. A special feature thesaurus is especially terminology in relation to the Sami people. The reason for drawing up Special Case glossary has been the need for the terms that have been difficult to describe the more general subject headings form. Thesauruses is involved also the wider Arctic region and words related somewhat to the northern Finno-Ugric kindred peoples of terms. "

Tesauro de Folclore e Cultura Popular Brasileira

"Este Tesauro é fruto de trabalho sistemático que envolveu uma equipe multidisciplinar, com vasta experiência na área da cultura popular brasileira. Sua primeira versão, patrocinada pela Unesco, resultou em 2.092 termos, selecionados a partir dos acervos documentais e museológicos do CNFCP."

"This thesaurus is the result of systematic work involving a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the area of Brazilian popular culture." Its first version, sponsored by Unesco, resulted in 2,092 terms, selected from the CNFCP's documentary and museological collections.

New Zealand Framework for Cultural Statistics

"In 1993, the Ministry of Cultural Affairs approached Statistics New Zealand to discuss strategies for improving the range and quality of statistical information available on New Zealand's cultural sector. With its responsibility for collecting statistics relevant to the needs of government, business and the community, Statistics New Zealand agreed that improvement was needed. In order to define what was meant by 'cultural statistics' and to provide direction for future work, it was agreed that the first priority should be the production of a framework for cultural statistics.

PICO Thesaurus

"Il Thesaurus del Portale della Cultura Italiana è un vocabolario controllato, progettato per la soggettazione e la classificazione di risorse molto eterogenee, provenienti da data-source culturali di ambiti estremamente differenti. Il Thesaurus è un sistema 'aperto' ad evoluzioni, così da garantire la migliore organizzazione delle informazioni importate dal Portale della Cultura Italiana."

"The Thesaurus of the Italian Culture Portal is a controlled vocabulary, designed to subject indexing and classification of very heterogeneous resources, from cultural extremely different domains data-source. The Thesaurus is an 'open system' to evolution, so as to ensure the best organization of the information imported from the Italian Culture Portal."