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Clasificación Integrada de Revistas Científicas

"La Clasificación Integrada de Revistas Científicas – CIRC se propone como objetivo la construcción de una clasificación de revistas científicas de Ciencias Sociales y Humanas en función de su calidad integrando los productos de evaluación existentes considerados positivamente por las diferentes agencias de evaluación nacionales como CNEAI, ANECA).

Digital Humanities Thesaurus

"The Digital Humanities Thesaurus is a subject thesaurus covering the topic of digital humanities, and it is intended to be used for indexing Digital Humanities projects and articles. The terms in this thesaurus are arranged into hierarchical sections. Within each section terms are listed in alphabetical order. There is a search bar in the upper right hand corner, and also an 'Advanced Search' option in the top menu bar." 7568 Terms, 8166 Relations between terms, 323 Non preferred terms.

Svenska ämnesord

"Svenska ämnesord (SAO) är ett kontrollerat ämnesordssystem med nästan 38 000 termer från alla ämnesområden. Systemet har funnits sedan 2000 och används av de flesta högskole- och universitetsbibliotek och av många LIBRIS-bibliotek. I Svenska ämnesord kan du hitta ämnesord för att söka i bibliotekskataloger och andra databaser, och för att indexera facklitteratur och annat material.

"Swedish subject headings (SAO) is a controlled subject headings system containing 38 000 terms from all disciplines. The system has been around since 2000 and is used by most university libraries and many LIBRIS libraries. In Swedish subject headings, you can find subject headings to search library catalogs and other databases, and to index the literature and other materials."


"PeriodO is a gazetteer of scholarly definitions of historical, art-historical, and archaeological periods. It eases the task of linking among datasets that define periods differently. It also helps scholars and students see where period definitions overlap or diverge."

Centre de Documentation en Sciences humaines Liste des mots-clés

"Les mots-clés ont été attribués après lecture selon un thesaurus constamment mis à jour par des spécialistes, en fonction de l'évolution des disciplines."

"The keywords were assigned after reading according to a thesaurus constantly updated by specialists, depending on the evolution of the disciplines."

Taxonomy of Digital Research Activities in the Humanities

"This taxonomy of digital research activities in the humanities has been developed for use by community-driven sites and projects that aim to structure information relevant to digital humanities and make it more easily discoverable. The taxonomy is expected to be particularly useful to endeavors aiming to collect information on digital humanities tools, methods, projects, or readings."