790 Recreational and performing arts

Gale Performing Arts Thesaurus

The Gale Performing Arts Thesaurus is a subset of the master Gale Humanities Thesaurus. This thesaurus includes subject areas related to acting and drama, comedy, entertainers, music, dance, films, opera, and theater. All thesaural relationships (BT/NT, RT, USE/UF) are included, and some terms have scope notes. The thesaurus contains 1,326 preferred terms/concepts (2019) and is continually updated.

Tesauro Turístico Argentino

"Este vocabulario presenta la organización conceptual del turismo en la Argentina y en particular la visión que se ofrece desde el Ministerio de Turismo de la Nación. Permite la navegación por su estructura evidenciando relaciones lógico-semánticas entre los términos."

"This vocabulary presents the conceptual organization of tourism in Argentina and in particular the vision that is offered by the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation, allowing navigation through its structure evidencing logical-semantic relationships between the terms."

Music Vocabulary


"A vocabulary, or music ontology, to describe classical music and performances. Classes (categories) for musical works, events, instruments and performers, as well as related properties are defined. Make sure to distinguish musical works (e.g. Opera) from performance events (Opera_Event), or works (String_Quartette) from performer (StringQuartetEnsemble in this vocab), whose natural language terms are used interchangeblly.

ECLAP, Performing Arts Vocabulary

"The ECLAP vocabulary provide classes and properties for the description of multimedia content related with performing arts. It includes classes for the description of the kind of media used (Video, Audio, Document, etc.), classes for the description of annotations on media (One2One, Explosive), it includes properties for people involved in the creation process as performing arts professionals like (director, actor, mime, clown, etc.), and it includes properties relating the Users with content, groups and annotations (...)."

System Klasyfikacji Umiejętności

"System Klasyfikacji Umiejętności (SKU) to autorski projekt ekipy edugracji: jest to graficzny system, wzorowany na systemie PEGI, mający na celu pomoc w zdobyciu informacji o umiejętnościach rozwijanych w grach dla dzieci i młodzieży. W obecnej chwili składa się on ze znaków (umiejętności) pogrupowanych w 8 grup rozwojowych. System ten jest ułatwieniem dla rodziców szukających gier rozwijających konkretne umiejętności, wspomaga świadomy wybór w terapii i edukacji.

Videoteca VIGOR Schema di classificazione delle sezioni della biblioteca

"La biblioteca interna è suddivisa in diverse aree tematiche. Se vuoi vedere la suddivisione delle aree, scarica l'elenco delle sezioni della Biblioteca."

"The inner library is divided into several thematic areas. If you want to see the subdivision of the areas, download the list of sections in the Library."

Systematik Theater-Schauspiel-Medien

"Die Systematik ordnet den Bibliotheksbestand. Unsere Medien sind nach verschiedenen Systematiken aufgestellt. Dadurch können Sie auch anhand eines Themas oder einer musikalischen Gattung oder Besetzung direkt im Regal suchen."

"Our system is organized according to different systematics, so you can also search directly on the shelf for a topic or a musical genre or occupation."