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Diccionari de procediments culinaris

"Aquest diccionari recull prop de tres-cents termes relatius als procediments culinaris i a les accions que tenen lloc mentre es duen a terme, amb les denominacions i la definició en català i els equivalents en castellà, francès i anglès. Es tracta de la versió en línia del Diccionari de procediments culinaris, editat pel TERMCAT el 2005 i elaborat per Juli Blanco González, Francesc Papió Aznar i Lluís Ignasi Vilà Miquel, amb l'assessorament terminològic del TERMCAT. Les dades originals poden haver estat actualitzades o completades posteriorment pel TERMCAT."

"This dictionary contains about three hundred terms related procedures culinary and actions that occur when carrying out the names and the definition in Catalan and equivalents in Spanish, French and English. This is the version online procedures culinary dictionary, published by TERMCAT 2005 and prepared by Julius Blanco González, Aznar and Luis Francisco Papió Ignasi Miquel Vila, advised TERMCAT terminology. the original data may have been updated or supplemented later by TERMCAT. "

Plats a la carta

"El diccionari en línia Plats a la carta posa a l’abast dels usuaris 7.765 denominacions catalanes de plats i begudes, amb les equivalències corresponents en castellà, francès, italià, anglès i alemany.

"The online dictionary la carte dishes makes available user names 7765 Catalan dishes and drinks with corresponding equivalents in Spanish, French, Italian, English and German. The information in this repertoire comes from the base application data Plats a la carte tool developed and managed by the Directorate General for Language Policy of the Generalitat of Catalonia in collaboration with TERMCAT and confegida from names of dishes and drinks suggested by users implementation, in order to provide the catering sector preparing menus in Catalan. "

Gastronomia japonesa

"Aquest diccionari recull una vintena de termes referits a ingredients i plats típics de la gastronomia del Japó, que han passat a formar part darrerament del panorama gastronòmic dels Països Catalans. La majoria de les formes catalanes han estat normalitzades pel Consell Supervisor del TERMCAT, amb la col·laboració de diversos experts en japonès, i han seguit el sistema de transcripció romanji Hepburn, que és el més estès internacionalment.

"This dictionary includes twenty terms refer to ingredients and dishes of the cuisine of Japan, which have become part recently in the dining scene of Catalonia. Most Catalan forms have been standardized by the Supervisory Council TERMCAT with in collaboration with experts in Japanese and have followed romanji Hepburn transcription system, which is the most widespread internationally. Exceptionally, according to the treatment given to other reference sources and dissemination experienced by the terms, in some cases we opted for slightly different ways.

Gastronomia del Pròxim Orient

"Aquest diccionari recull una vintena de termes referits a ingredients i plats típics de la gastronomia del Pròxim Orient i del Nord d'Àfrica, que han passat a formar part darrerament del panorama gastronòmic dels Països Catalans. Totes les formes catalanes han estat normalitzades pel Consell Supervisor del TERMCAT, amb la col·laboració de diversos experts en llengua àrab i tenint en compte els principis de transcripció i adaptació establerts per l'Institut d'Estudis Catalans.

"This dictionary includes terms referring to twenty ingredients and dishes of the cuisine of the Middle East and North Africa, which have recently become part of the gastronomic scene of Catalonia. Catalan All forms have been standardized by the Council supervisor TERMCAT, with the collaboration of experts in Arabic and taking into account the principles of transcription and adaptation established by the Institute of Catalan Studies. As for equivalents in other languages, collected most documented forms without going to assess their suitability in any case. "

LanguaL™ Thesaurus

"The thesaurus provides a standardised language for describing foods, specifically for classifying food products for information retrieval. (...) As constructed, LanguaL™ is a multilingual thesaural system using facetted classification. Each food is described by a set of standard, controlled terms chosen from facets characteristic of the nutritional and/or hygienic quality of a food, as for example the biological origin, the methods of cooking and conservation, and technological treatments."

Plan de Classification des Documents

"Le plan de classification est un outil de référence qui vous permet de comprendre la structure des activités de la SAQ et de voir comment ses documents sont classés. Il n’est pas directement lié à un dossier ou à un document."

"At the same time, the National Library, the National Archives and the Greater Montréal Public Library, the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) gathers, preserves and disseminates the Quebec and Québec documentary heritage."

Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter e. V. Klassifikationsmodell

"Das Klassifikationsstatut des VDP definiert die Qualität eines Weines insbesondere nach dem Terroir, der Herkunft in Verbindung mit der Qualität. Die Pflege dieses besonderen Terroirs steht im Mittelpunkt – damit einher geht der Verzicht auf alle Bereichs-, Großlagen- und einfache Lagenbezeichnungen. Nur Weine mit Terroircharakter sollen eine Lagenbezeichnung tragen dürfen. Terroir wird von einem 'magischen Dreieck' aus 1. Güte und Charakter der Weinbergslage, 2. handwerklichem Können des Winzers, und 3. Jahrgangsqualität bestimmt. Terroir ist wiedererkennbar im Wein.

"The classification rules of the VDP define the quality of a wine in particular according to the terroir, the origin in connection with the quality, the maintenance of this particular terroir is the focus - and this is accompanied by the renouncement of all area, generic and simple position designations Terroir is defined by a 'magical triangle' of the first quality and character of the vineyard, the second hand of the winemaker, and the 3rd quality of the grapes, which is recognizable in the wine, and the quality of a vineyard is defined Through the soil (topographical location, climate an

Gefässe und Formen

"Eine Typologie für Museen und Sammlungen. Umfang: 12 Grundformen von Gefässen sowie eine Hierarchiestufe unter diesen rangierende Formtypen. Die Formen sind durch umfangreiche Zeichnungen und Fotos visualisiert. Zu jeder dieser Formen werden in alphabetischer Reihenfolge zahlreiche konkrete Objektnamen aufgeführt, alle sind durch kurze charakterisierende Sätze beschrieben und jeweils durch ein Foto veranschaulicht."

"A typology for museums and collections: 12 basic shapes of vessels as well as a hierarchy of these types of forms, the forms are represented by extensive drawings and photographs, each of which is presented in alphabetical order with numerous concrete object names Phrases and each illustrated by a photo. "