420 English and Old English (Anglo-Saxon)

Thesaurus of Old English

"This presentation of Old English vocabulary is conceptually arranged, and is therefore entitled A Thesaurus of Old English (TOE). The vocabulary of Anglo-Saxon England is presented within ordered categories. Ideally, the reader should approach the materials of the TOE by subject rather than through the alphabetic index of the printed edition. Roget-owners have long been accustomed to begin with a word and, by trying a few locations listed in the index, find the vocabulary group wanted. Moreover, for inclusiveness they trade detailed information.

Systematische Buchaufstellung Anglistik/Amerikanistik

Systematische Buchaufstellung der Anglistik/Amerikanistik des Kommunikations-, Informations-, Medienzentrum (KIM) der Universität Konstanz.

Systematic book setting up of English studies/American studies of the communication, information, media center (KIM) of the University of Konstanz.

Historical Thesaurus of English

"The University of Glasgow Historical Thesaurus of English was initiated by the late Professor Michael Samuels in 1965, and the first full version of the Thesaurus was completed in 2008 under the direction of Professor Christian Kay. It contains almost 800,000 words from Old English to the present day arranged into detailed hierarchies within broad conceptual categories such as Thought or Music.