391 Costume and personal appearance

Textile Museum Thesaurus

"The Textile Museum Thesaurus is a data management tool for cataloging and searching for textiles in The Textile Museum’s collection in its electronic database. The Thesaurus functions both as a controlled vocabulary for cataloging our collections and as an electronic querying aid structured to permit the highest level of success in retrieving the appropriate objects during searches.

Glosario de la Moda

"El lenguaje del mundo de la moda está plagado de extranjerismos y tecnicismos que aparecen con frecuencia en los medios de comunicación debido a la multitud de eventos y encuentros que se celebran en este sector y a la expansión de la prensa especializada. Por ello, la Fundéu BBVA ha elaborado este documento, en el que se recogen y explican términos específicos relacionados con la moda; se ofrecen recomendaciones lingüísticas en los casos en los que puedan existir dudas y se dan alternativas en español para evitar el uso abusivo de extranjerismos.

"The language of the fashion world is plagued by foreign language and technicalities that appear frequently in the media due to the multitude of events and meetings held in this sector and the expansion of the specialized press. BBVA has produced this document, which contains and explains specific terms related to fashion, offers linguistic recommendations in cases where there may be doubts and alternatives are given in Spanish to avoid the abusive use of foreign languages.

Lemmario per la Catalogazione dell'Abito e degli Elementi Vestimentari

"Il lemmario-guida è finalizzato alla compilazione della scheda Abito-elementi vestimentari.
Contiene termini relativi a:

"" "The lemmario-guide is aimed at compiling the Dress-Dresser Board.
Contains terms related to:
- single, complete garments and clothing items covering men's, feminine and infantile clothing and related to the main purposes of use and the various occasions of life
Private and social; Were considered essential historical typologies of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, and those relating to garments still in use;
- garments and items relating to underwear and hosiery;

Vocabulary of Basic Terms for Cataloguing Costume

"In the naming of garments we worked always from the objects themselves and their relation to the body and not to any theory of classification which introduced other factors. The terms themselves and their grouping do not take account of special Function, but the naming has to be seen within the context of the list of basic information where function appears as a separate entry, following the name of the object. So the basic term for bathing or wedding dress alike is Dress.

Systematik für Spitzen und Stickereien

"Umfang: Vier Hauptgruppen, stellenweise Untergruppen bis zur vierten Ebene. Ca. 150 Einträge. Diese Systematik listet die Arten von Spitzen und Stickereien (Produkten) in hoher Spezialisierung auf und gibt zu jedem Eintrag eine genaue Beschreibung."

"Scope: Four main groups, sub-groups up to the fourth level, about 150 entries This system lists the types of lace and embroidery (products) in high specialization and gives an exact description of each entry."

Systematik für die Techniken zur Herstellung von Spitzen und Stickereien

"Umfang: 20 Herstellungs-/Bearbeitungsarten werden angeboten auf der 1. Hierarchieebene. Einigen von ihnen sind auf der 2. Hierarchieebene weitere Einträge zugeordnet (insgesamt 10). Das Wortgut ist durchgängig adjektivisch. Gesamtzahl der Einträge: 30."

"Scope. 20 manufacturing / processing modes offered on the first hierarchical level Some of them are other businesses associated (10 in total) on the second level of the hierarchy, the word collection is consistently adjectival total number of entries:.. 30."