378 Higher education (Tertiary education)

Göttinger Online-Klassifikation

"Systematischen Zugang zum Göttinger Universitätskatalog (GUK) erhalten Sie über die Göttinger Online-Klassifikation (GOK). Diese ist ein universales Klassifikationssystem, welches das gesamte Spektrum der Wissenschaften in einem hierarchisch aufgebauten System zu ordnen versucht. Die wichtigsten Neuzugänge seit etwa 1993 sind nach diesem System erschlossen."

"You get systematic access to the Göttinger Universitätskatalog (GUK) through the Göttinger Online-Klassifikation (GOK). That is a universal classification system, which attempts to order the entire spectrum of sciences into a hierarchic system. Most of the important additions after 1993 have been made accessible in this system."

Cambridge University Library Classification Scheme

"This is the Library's 'three-figure' classification scheme which is used to determine the subject stem of the classmarks of the great majority of monographs on the open shelves. (It is also used in a simplified form in combination with various prefixes for special types of material: R, the reference collection in the Reading Room; S, 'select' books on closed access; P, L, T, Q, primary, secondary, select and dead periodicals, respectively; Z, mutilated books.

Systematik der Zentralbibliothek der Hochschule Hannover

"Alle Medien der Zentralbibliothek der Hochschule Hannover sind frei zugänglich und systematisch, d.h. nach Fachgebieten geordnet, aufgestellt. Wenn Sie auf die Systemstellen klicken, werden Ihnen im Online-Kataloge alle Medien angezeigt, die fachlich zu dieser Stelle gehören."

"All media from the Zentralbibliothek of the Hanover University of Applied Sciences are freely accessible and systematically arranged according to subject areas. When you click on the system sites, you will be shown in the online catalogs all the media that are part of this department."


"Microthesaurus Tesqual is a controlled vocabulary with a structure based on hierarchical, associative and equivalence relationships. It is aimed at scientists, researchers, education professionals, students and the general users who use a 'key' vocabulary to conceptualize and define the content of specific documents. The final aim is to help experts store and recover these documents coming from a particular information system."

A Classification System and Manual for Placement Office Libraries

"A classification scheme is given for materials related to occupational and educational opportunities collected by the Rutgers College Placement Office Library. The scheme assigns a four digit number to each item. The first digit designates which of the library's general areas the material covers: general, occupational, educational, or one of the special areas to be designated in the future. The second and third digits broadly and then more specifically define the educational areas dealt with or assumed as the background for the occupation covered.