341 Law of nations


"UNTERM is a multilingual terminology database maintained jointly by the main duty stations and regional commissions of the United Nations system. (...) UNTERM provides terminology and nomenclature in subjects relevant to the work of the United Nations. Information is provided in the six UN official languages, and there are also entries in German and Portuguese. (...) This database is a linguistic tool created primarily to facilitate the work of United Nations staff members and other people around the world who participate or are interested in the Organization's activities.

T.M.C. Asser Instituut Classification Scheme

"The T.M.C. Asser Instituut is a foundation (registered on 17 February 1994 with the Chamber of Commerce Haaglanden, The Netherlands, under file number 41158427) with the purpose of performing and maintaining scientific research and education in the areas of international and European law. It is a non-profit organisation, primarily funded by the Dutch Ministry for Education, Culture and Science and administered through the University of Amsterdam.

Peacekeeping File Classification Scheme

"The PK FCS is based on the functions and activities of peacekeeping operations. It has three main purposes: to organize records created or received in the course of peacekeeping operations; to find and access records; to support the implementation of records management policies by linking PK FCS categories to those in the Peacekeeping Operations Retention Schedule (PORS). (...) The PK FCS
is divided into 28 functional categories."

Treaties Name Authority List

"The treaty authority table is a controlled vocabulary listing the different EU treaties, including treaties and protocols, accession treaties, Schengen Convention and Charter of Fundamental Rights. It provides an authority code, the start-use date of the concept and labels in all official EU languages.

Formation of the Court Name Authority List

"This authority table is a controlled vocabulary showing the composition of the courts of the European Union according to the case they are seized with (Articles 251, 254 and 257 of the Treaty on Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). It provides an authority code, the start-use date of the concept and labels in all official EU languages. The concepts are used for the production of reports of cases before the Court and to publish case-law on the EUR-Lex site.

Interinstitutional procedures Name Authority List

"The Interinstitutional procedures name authority list (NAL) is a controlled vocabulary listing the procedures that are part of the legal decision making process with their authority code and label(s) in the 24 official languages of the EU (when available). The Inter-institutional procedures NAL lists the different procedures used in the context of data exchange between the institutions involved in the legislative process.