337 International economics

Centro de Documentación INTAL Tesauro

"Este servicio permite realizar búsqueda por temas, navegando por las diferentes áreas de conocimiento y seleccionando el ó los términos para realizar una consulta. Los términos se ordenan jerárquicamente mostrando la relación de especificidad entre unos y otros."

"This service allows you to search by topics, navigating the different areas of knowledge and selecting the term or terms to make a query. The terms are hierarchically ordered showing the relationship of specificity between them."

International Development Research Centre Library Thesaurus

"When the IDRC Library began to index the material in its collection and to build a data base using the ISIS computer systems, the OECD's Macrothesaurus was selected as the source of descriptors for indexing and retrieval. At that time it was hoped that the international and other organizations also using the Macrothesaurus would construct a joint operation to keep it up to date and to modify it in the light of experience.

Tesauro Instituto de Estudios sobre Desarrollo y Cooperación Internacional

"El Centro de Documentación de Hegoa tiene como objetivo constituir y difundir un fondo especializado en desarrollo y cooperación internacional. Cuenta con una biblioteca digital y presencial con más de 19.700 registros bibliográficos estructurados en 8 grandes temas, clasificados y controlados por un Tesauro propio con 1.100 descriptores o palabras claves que facilitan la recuperación de la información."

"The Hegoa Documentation Center aims to set up and disseminate a specialized fund for international development and cooperation. It has a digital and in-person library with more than 19,700 bibliographic records structured in 8 major topics, classified and controlled by a specific Thesaurus with 1,100 Descriptors or keywords that facilitate the retrieval of information. "

World Bank Thesaurus

"The Enterprise Topic Thesaurus is a thesaurus which represents the concepts and terms used to describe the World Bank Group’s topical knowledge domains and areas of expertise – the ‘what we do’ and ‘what we know’ aspect of the Bank’s work. The Enterprise Topic Thesaurus provides an enterprise-wide, application-independent framework for describing all of the Bank’s areas of expertise and knowledge domains, current as well as historical, representing the vocabularies used by domain experts and domain novices, and Bank staff and Bank clients."

Macrothesaurus for Information Processing in the Field of Economic and Social Development

"An early tool for the referencing of development terms, that became an indispensable tool for the libraries and documentation centres of both developing and developed countries cataloguing work on economic development."

Thésaurus de Coordination SUD

"Coordination SUD assure une double mission d’appui à la professionnalisation des ONG françaises et de représentation de leurs positions auprès des institutions publiques et privées, en France, en Europe et dans le monde."

"Coordination SUD ensures a double mission to support the professionalization of French NGOs and to represent their positions with public and private institutions in France, Europe and the world."

U.S. Agency for International Development Thesaurus

"In addition to subject coverage, the Thesaurus contains descriptors for many USAID management concepts and for other topics of special concern to USAID. Proper names (with the exception of a few USAID program names) do not appear in the Thesaurus, nor do geographic names below the country level. The organization of the concepts in the USAID Thesaurus is not intended to reflect USAID's programmatic divisions.