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Gale Occupations Thesaurus

The Gale Occupations Thesaurus is a subset of the Gale Person Type Thesaurus and includes terms that represent vocational or professional pursuits. This thesaurus includes a full range of generic occupations covering subject areas such as agriculture, art, business, education, engineering, entertainment, government, information management, law, medicine, politics, science, sport, and transport. All thesaural relationships (BT/NT, RT, USE/UF) are included, and some terms have scope notes. The thesaurus contains 1,351 preferred terms/concepts (2019) and is continually updated.

Gale Labor Thesaurus

The Gale Labor Thesaurus is a subset of the master Gale Business thesaurus in the narrower domain of labor. This includes terms associated with workers, the labor force, and labor relations. Specific areas include blue collar workers, child labor, migrant labor, skilled labor, labor unions, labor movement, and labor disputes. This thesaurus does not include terms associated with human resources or personnel management (which are in the Gale Human Resources Management Thesaurus) or terms for specific occupations or jobs (which are in the Gale Occupations Thesaurus).

Gale Human Resource Management Thesaurus

The Gale Human Resource Management Thesaurus is a subset of the master Gale Business Thesaurus in the narrower domain of the field of management that has responsibility for recruiting, hiring, training, developing, compensating, managing, and supervising employees. It also includes descriptors associated with employer-employee relations in general and terms related to affirmative action, career development, benefits, compensation, employees and employers, employment, labor relations, labor unions, strikes, wages, and the work environment.

Position Type Name Authority List

"This authority table provides the list of possible types of position of the staff employed by the EU institutions, bodies or agencies. It has been developed specifically for the EU budget as Linked Open Data project.t."

Glossary of Talent Acquisition Metrics

"For quite some time now, recruiting organizations have been capturing and monitoring performance data. Additionally, they have been using benchmark data to provide an objective lens through which information can be viewed and comparisons can be made. These comparisons are often used to drive the changes in behavior, strategy, or technology needed to improve performance. However, often the terminology and nomenclature of these metrics varies from company to company or analyst to analyst.

Diccionari de la renda

"Aquest diccionari recull els termes bàsics per fer la declaració de la renda i del patrimoni. Es tracta de 122 termes amb les denominacions i la definició en català i amb els equivalents en castellà, revisats per especialistes del Col·legi de Gestors Administratius de Catalunya."

"This dictionary includes the basic terms for the declaration of income and assets. It is about 122 names with terms and definition in Catalan and Spanish equivalents, reviewed by specialists from the Association of Administrative Managers of Catalonia ".

Diccionari de la negociació col·lectiva

"Aquest diccionari recull uns sis-cents termes propis de processos tan rellevants com ara les relacions col·lectives entre sindicats i empreses, les condicions laborals, els convenis col·lectius, la gestió dels recursos humans o les particularitats del mercat laboral. A banda de les denominacions i la definició en català, el diccionari ofereix les equivalències en castellà, francès i anglès. Es tracta de la versió en línia del Diccionari de la negociació col·lectiva, elaborat conjuntament pel TERMCAT i el Departament de Treball de la Generalitat de Catalunya l’any 2000."

"This dictionary contains about six hundred terms specific processes such as excellent the relations between unions and collective enterprises, working conditions, collective agreements, management of human resources and the particularities of the labor market. Apart and the definition of the names in Catalan, the dictionary provides the equivalents in Spanish, French and English. This is the online version of the Dictionary of collective bargaining, developed jointly by TERMCAT and the Department of Labor of the Government of Catalonia 2000. "