170 Ethics (Moral philosophy)

Tesauro italiano di bioetica

"Il Tesauro italiano di bioetica nasce nell’ambito del progetto SIBIL (Sistema Informativo per la Bioetica In Linea), che ha realizzato fra l’altro un archivio della letteratura bioetica prodotta in Italia dal 1995 ad oggi. Questo tesauro, costruito al fine di rendere efficace l’indicizzazione e il recupero dei documenti, è il primo prodotto nel suo genere in lingua italiana, e con i suoi circa 1.000 termini racchiude tutti i concetti essenziali del linguaggio bioetico specialistico e delle discipline correlate."

"The Italian on Bioethics Thesaurus born in the SIBIL project (Information System for Bioethics Online), which has produced, among other things an archive of bioethics literature produced in Italy from 1995 to present. This thesaurus, built in order to make effective indexing and retrieval of documents, it is the first product of its kind in Italian, and with its approximately 1,000 terms encompasses all the essential concepts of bioethics specialist language and related disciplines. "

Thesaurus Ethik in den Biowissenschaften

"Der Thesaurus Ethik in den Biowissenschaften ist ein mehrsprachiges und kontrolliertes Indexierungs- und Recherchewerkzeug, das alle Teilbereiche der Bioethik erfasst. Mit Hilfe des Thesaurus ist es möglich, aktuelle Entwicklungen in dem heterogenen und multidisziplinären Feld der Bioethik adäquat darzustellen und einen Beitrag dazu zu leisten, die Literaturrecherche und Indexierung effizienter zu gestalten.

"The Thesaurus Ethics in the Life Sciences is a multilingual and controlled indexing and research tool that covers all areas of bioethics. With the help of the thesaurus, it is possible to present and contribute to current developments in the heterogeneous and multidisciplinary field of bioethics. The various functionalities of the thesaurus are geared primarily to the needs of the two most important target groups: researching users - both professionals and non-professionals - as well as librarian and documentary specialists who index bioethics literature and documents."