004 Computer science

IoT lite Ontology

"The IoT lite Ontology is a lightweight ontology to represent Internet of Things resources, entities and services. The lightweight allow the representation and use of IoT platforms without consuming excessive processing time when querying the ontology. However it is also a meta ontology that can be extended in order to represent IoT concepts in a more detail way in different domains."

Thesaurus für die Fachgebiete Informatik, Wirtschaft und Verkehr

"Seit 2013 wird an der Bibliothek der TH Wildau ein zweisprachiger Thesaurus (dt./en.) für die Fachgebiete Informatik, Wirtschaft und Verkehr aufgebaut. Ziel ist es, den Studierenden einen Überblick über ihr Studienfach und angrenzende Fachbereiche zu bieten. Darüberhinaus ist der Thesaurus als Recherchehilfe in der Bibliothekssuchmaschine Wilbert integriert."

"Since 2013, a bilingual thesaurus (dt./en.) For the fields of computer science, business and transport has been established at the library of TH Wildau, with the aim of providing students with an overview of their subject area and related fields Thesaurus as a research aid in Wilbert's library search machine. "

Βάση Όρων Πληροφορικής INFORTERM

"Η Βάση Όρων Πληροφορικής INFORTERM είναι τρίγλωσση και περιλαμβάνει τους ελληνικούς όρους που έχει εκπονήσει η Ομάδα ΕΛΟΤ/ΤΕ48/ΟΕ1 «Ορολογία Πληροφορικής» και ισοδύναμους αγγλικούς όρους και γαλλικούς όρους, βάσει Διεθνών Προτύπων (Σειρά ISO/IEC 2382) του Διεθνούς Οργανισμού Τυποποίησης (ISO) και της Διεθνούς Ηλεκτροτεχνικής Επιτροπής (IEC)."

"The Information Technology TermBase INFORTERM is trilingual and includes the Greek terms produced by the Group ELOT/TE48/OE1 «Information Technology Terminology» and equivalent English terms and French terms, based on International Standards (ISO/IEC 2382 series) of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)."

Information Technology Glossary of Terms and Phrases

"The IF4IT’s IT Glossary is intended to be a centralized, thorough, public and freely available repository of Information Technology 'Operations' (or 'Operational') terms. By Operations/Operational we mean that these terms address how Information Technology resources 'work' and the concepts they need to perform their work. The glossary consists of thousands of of terms that are consistent with how IT leaders lead and how IT workers work, across all industries.