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Polytematický strukturovaný heslář

"Polytematický strukturovaný heslář (PSH), původní produkt Národní technické knihovny, je česko-anglický slovník hesel, který slouží jako nástroj pro pořádání a vyhledávání dokumentů podle tématu. PSH obsahuje více než 13 900 hesel ze všech základních oblastí lidského poznání. Hesla jsou rozdělena do 44 tematických řad a každé z nich je v rámci oboru zařazeno do šesti-, výjimečně sedmistupňové hierarchie."

"Polythematic Structured Subject Heading System (PSH) is a bilingual Czech–English controlled vocabulary of subject headings which is used for organizing and searching the documents by subject. It is developed and maintained at the National Library of Technology of Prague. PSH contains over 13 900 subject headings in its latest version PSH 4.0 and is divided into 44 thematic sections which cover the main fields of human knowledge. Each subject heading is included in a hierarchy of six (or - under special circumstances - seven) levels according to its semantic content and specificity.

PICO Thesaurus

"Il Thesaurus del Portale della Cultura Italiana è un vocabolario controllato, progettato per la soggettazione e la classificazione di risorse molto eterogenee, provenienti da data-source culturali di ambiti estremamente differenti. Il Thesaurus è un sistema 'aperto' ad evoluzioni, così da garantire la migliore organizzazione delle informazioni importate dal Portale della Cultura Italiana."

"The Thesaurus of the Italian Culture Portal is a controlled vocabulary, designed to subject indexing and classification of very heterogeneous resources, from cultural extremely different domains data-source. The Thesaurus is an 'open system' to evolution, so as to ensure the best organization of the information imported from the Italian Culture Portal."

Los Angeles Comprehensive Bibliographic Database Thesaurus

"The LACBD Thesaurus was compiled from the subject indexes that accompany the two bibliographies to provide a controlled vocabulary that spans one hundred years of Los Angeles subject matter. This specificity means that some terms and names one might expect in a thesaurus about Los Angeles will not be present. Likewise, general subject hierarchies that may have been constructed to place orphan terms were not developed, although the current structure allows for future development. Part one of the LACBD thesaurus is a common subject thesaurus.

Index New Zealand Thesaurus

"Until September 2007 subject terms used in Index New Zealand were from the Index New Zealand Thesaurus, which is based on the APAIS thesaurus, created by the National Library of Australia. This version was released in November 2005 and contains over 1,200 preferred terms. The Index New Zealand Thesaurus has been designed to describe journal and newspaper articles about New Zealand and the South Pacific in the areas of social sciences and humanities."

Inter-Active Terminology for Europe

"In IATE you can find EU-specific terminology and jargon, as well as terms from all sorts of areas, such as law, agriculture, information technology and many others. IATE has 8.4 million terms, including approximately 540 000 abbreviations and 130 000 phrases, and covers all 23 official EU languages.
New terms are added every day and the contents are constantly updated. IATE plays a major role in ensuring the quality of the written communication of the EU institutions and bodies."

Répertoire d'Autorité-Matière Encyclopédique et Alphabétique Unifié

"RAMEAU (Répertoire d'autorité-matière encyclopédique et alphabétique unifié) est le langage d'indexation matière utilisé, en France, par la Bibliothèque nationale de France, les bibliothèques universitaires, de nombreuses bibliothèques de lecture publique ou de recherche ainsi que plusieurs organismes privés.
Il est élaboré depuis 1980, de façon autonome, en relation avec le "Répertoire de vedettes-matière" de l'Université Laval à Québec, lui-même traduit de la liste de vedettes-matière de la Bibliothèque du Congrès (Library of Congress Subject Headings).

"RAMEAU (Directory of Encyclopaedic and Unified Alphabet Authority and Subject Matter) is the material indexing language used in France by the Bibliothèque nationale de France, university libraries, numerous public and research libraries and several organizations private.
It has been elaborated since 1980, autonomously, in relation to the "Directory of subject headings" of the Université Laval in Quebec City, itself translated from the list of subject headings of the Library of Congress Subject Headings).


"EuroVoc is a multilingual thesaurus which was originally built up specifically for processing the documentary information of the EU institutions.
It is a multi-disciplinary thesaurus covering fields which are sufficiently wide-ranging to encompass both Community and national points of view, with a certain emphasis on parliamentary activities. EuroVoc is a controlled set of vocabulary which can be used outside the EU institutions, particularly by parliaments.