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Yleinen suomalainen asiasanasto

"YSA (Yleinen suomalainen asiasanasto) on suomenkielinen, kaikki tieteen- ja tiedonalat kattava yleissanasto, joka sisältää eri alojen yleisimmät termit. Sanastossa on myös maantieteellisiä nimiä ja luetteloita mm. kasvien, urheilulajien ja eläinten nimistä. Vuonna 2012 YSAssa oli lähes 31 000 termiä, joista noin 5 700 maantieteellistä nimeä. YSAa on käytetty tietokannoissa vuodesta 1987 lähtien."

"The YSA (General Finnish Thesaurus) is a general vocabulary covering all fields of science and information in the world, containing the most common terms in the various fields, and also contains geographic names and lists of names, including names of plants, sports and animals.In 2012 YSA had almost 31,000 terms, Of which about 5 700 geographic names. YSA has been used in databases since 1987. "

Thésaurus Information Publique

"Tous les textes, discours, interviews, communiqués, conférences de presse..., recensés dans la Collection des discours publics, font l'objet d'une indexation: des mots-clés qui rendent compte du contenu sont sélectionnés par les documentalistes du Département de l'Information publique dans une liste commune de mots-clés autorisés. Cette liste est normalisée et structurée: les mots-clés sont classés par domaine thématique et hiérarchisés du plus générique au plus précis. C'est le Thesaurus Information publique qui vous est fourni ici.

"All the texts, speeches, interviews, press releases, press conferences ...

Population Multilingual Thesaurus

"The POPIN Thesaurus provides alphabetical, thematic or subject, and permuted arrangements of terms. As a result of this work, the Third Edition of the POPIN Thesaurus contains approximately 100 new descriptors or terms, all of which are provided in all three languages. A total of some 240 descriptors have been deleted in order to give the thesaurus a more specific subject focus. Some 56 existing descriptors have been clarified by the addition of Scope Notes (SN) in some or all of the languages concerned.

Biblioteca Dr. Jorge Villalobos Padilla, S.J. Tesauros

"La base de tesauros que la Biblioteca del ITESO pone a disposición del usuario, es un proyecto en construcción y mejoramiento permanente, de manera que en cada etapa refleja los tesauros desarrollados hasta ese momento por el Área de Clasificación y Desarrollo de Colecciones. Esa característica no sólo explica el por qué existen tesauros de unas materias y de otras no, sino que también supone una invitación abierta para recibir sugerencias y comentarios que permitan mejorarlos y adecuarlos a las necesidades de los usuarios.

"The thesauri base that the ITESO Library makes available to the user is a project under construction and permanent improvement, so that at each stage it reflects the thesauri developed until that moment by the Classification and Development Area of ​​Collections. Not only explains why there are thesauri of some subjects and not others, but also an open invitation to receive suggestions and comments that allow them to improve them and adapt them to the needs of users.

Centre Bruxellois de Documentation Pédagogique Thésaurus

"Si vous voulez rechercher des documents sur une thématique particulière mais que vous ne l'a retrouvée pas en naviguant dans le thésaurus, essayez de la retrouver via la recherche par termes. Il suffit d'introduire le terme ou les termes de recherche et la recherche est alors effectuée uniquement sur le thésaurus. Plus de 38000 termes."

If you want to search for documents on a particular topic but you have not found it by browsing the thesaurus, try to find it via the search by terms. Simply enter the term or search terms and the search is then performed only on the thesaurus. More than 38,000 terms

British Education Thesaurus

"The British Education Index continues to serve its original, 50-year old, purpose as an independent subject and author index to the contents of significant education journals published in the UK. Within limitiations imposed by its self-financing status, the BEI also seeks to identify information from an increasingly diverse research environment, particularly addressing texts on the Internet and events, as detailed below.

Powerhouse Museum Object Names Thesaurus

"The thesaurus has been developed specifically for our collection. The Powerhouse collection covers a wide variety of subject areas and many different types of objects are included. There are approximately 8,600 terms. But we do not claim to have a comprehensive list of all objects and we are actively seeking contributions to broaden the appeal of the thesaurus. We have recently added a number of new terms at the request of the National Museum of Australia, and we continue to work with them in developing the thesaurus.