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Power Thesaurus

"Power Thesaurus is a fast, convenient and comprehensive online thesaurus. It's crowdsourced, meaning it has been built by a community of writers for writers. The vast collection of terms in Power Thesaurus is original and is based upon editorial work of our team and review of visitors' suggestions for many years. Users enjoy easy-to-follow look & feel, yet with powerful assisting tools. Visitors rate suggested words with handy voting, helping other writers to find the best term.

DataCite Metadata Schema

"The DataCite Metadata Schema is a list of core metadata properties chosen for the accurate and consistent identification of a resource for citation and retrieval purposes, along with recommended use instructions. The resource that is being identified can be of any kind, but it is typically a dataset. We use the term 'dataset' in its broadest sense. We mean it to include not only numerical data, but any other research data outputs."

Gruppensystematik der ehemaligen Staatlichen Bibliothek Eichstätt

"Die Alten Drucke (bis Erscheinungsjahr 1800) der Universitätsbibliothek Eichstätt-Ingolstadt und der von ihr mitverwalteten Bibliotheken sind zum größten Teil nicht nach der 'Regensburger Systematik', sondern auf andere Weise sachlich erschlossen und aufgestellt. (...) Die alten Drucke aus der Zentralbibliothek der Bayerischen Kapuziner (Altötting) bis Erscheinungsjahr 1800 werden mit Hilfe der Gruppensystematik der ehemaligen Staatlichen Bibliothek Eichstätt sachlich erschlossen."

"The old prints (up to the year 1800) of the University Library of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt and the libraries which it administers are, for the most part, not developed and arranged according to the 'Regensburg System' Of the Central Library of the Bavarian Capuchin (Altötting) until the year of the year 1800 are developed with the help of the group system of the former state library of Eichstatt. "

Konstanzer Systematik

"Die Konstanzer Systematik ist eine Aufstellungssystematik zur sachlichen Erschließung von Beständen an wissenschaftlichen Bibliotheken. Sie wurde mit der Gründung der Universität Konstanz (1966) an der Bibliothek der Universität Konstanz für große Freihandbestände in einem einschichtigen Bibliothekssystem entwickelt. Seitdem wird die Konstanzer Systematik von den Konstanzer Fachreferent*innen gepflegt und weiterentwickelt."

The Konstanzer Systematik (KonSys) is a classification scheme for academic libraries, developed at the Library of the University of Konstanz in 1966 for the newly founded University as an in-house classification scheme for its own extensive holdings on the open shelves. Since that time the KonSys was maintained and developed further by the subject specialsists of the Library.

Répertoire des Autorités-Sujet de l'UQAM

"RASUQAM (Répertoire des Autorités-Sujet de l'UQAM) est un thésaurus encyclopédique développé depuis 1994 par le Service des bibliothèques de l'Université du Québec à Montréal et est utilisé pour l'indexation de ses collections. RASUQAM compte environ 47 000 descripteurs, comprenant des noms communs, des noms d'organismes, des titres, des noms géographiques, des termes chronologiques, des descripteurs de forme et quelques descripteurs non contrôlés."

"RASUQAM is an encyclopaedic thesaurus developed since 1994 by the Library Service of the Université du Québec à Montréal and is used for the indexing of its collections.RASUQAM has about 47,000 descriptors , Including common names, organization names, titles, geographical names, chronological terms, form descriptors, and some uncontrolled descriptors. "

Library Classification

"There are already in the field many rival schemes of classification for libraries. The present publication is not intended to add one to the number, but rather to offer a way of escape for those who shrink from the intricacies and difficulties of the elaborate systems, and to substitute for painstaking analytical classification a simple arrangement which it is believed is better adapted to be practically useful in a library, while doing away with most of the work involved in carrying out one of these schemes."