"The HRCS is a system for classifying and analysing biomedical and health research funding. Its role is to faciliate research management by answering strategic questions about investment. (...) The Health Categories dimension of the HRCS captures the area of health or disease being studied. There are 21 separate categories which encompass all diseases, conditions and areas of health. (...) Research Activity Codes classify types of research activity.

Decimal System for Classifying Data Pertaining to the Petroleum Industry

"The 'Decimal Classification' was first printed by the National Petroleum Publishing Company, publishers of National Petroleum News, in 1928. A second edition appeared in serial form in The Petroleum Engineer in 1938 and was later reprinted in booklet form. During the intervening years since it was first available, many persons apparently have found this system useful in meeting their filing problems. Articles printed in The Petroleum Engineer have for many years been numbered in accordance with this decimal classification to facilitate orderly clipping and filing.


"Das Glossar ergänzt mit Erklärungen zu über 800 Fachausdrücken die ausführlichen Materialdatensätze und Materialgruppenbeschriebe der Datenbank. Zudem finden Sie darin weiterführende Informationen zu Verarbeitungs- und Herstellungstechniken."

"The glossary supplements the more detailed material data sets and material group descriptions of the database, as well as additional information on processing and manufacturing techniques."


"LOINC was initiated in 1994 by Clem McDonald, an investigator at the Regenstrief Institute, which is an internationally respected non-profit medical research organization associated with Indiana University. Regenstrief organized the LOINC committee to develop a common terminology for laboratory and clinical observations because there was a growing trend to send clinical data electronically from laboratories and other data producers to hospitals, physician's offices, and payers who use the data for clinical care and management purposes.