Europeana Food and Drink Classification

"The Europeana Food and Drink Classification scheme (EFD classification) is a multi-dimensional scheme for discovering and classifying Cultural Heritage Objects (CHO) related to Food and Drink (FD). To support the broadest possible range of re-use models, we are building upon existing terminologies to develop and apply a multilingual taxonomy for FD collections which will be used to tag, discover and aggregate relevant material by theme."

Vocabulário Controlado de Formas Farmacêuticas, Vias de Administração e Embalagens de Medicamentos

"A Anvisa divulga (...) o Vocabulário Controlado de Formas Farmacêuticas, Vias de Administração e Embalagens de Medicamentos. A publicação ficará disponível no portal da Agência, no link 'Medicamentos'. O livreto contém a padronização das nomenclaturas e conceitos relacionados às formas farmacêuticas, vias de administração e embalagens de medicamentos para serem utilizados como referência primária, principalmente no registro e pós-registro de medicamentos. Outro aspecto importante são as abreviações das características técnicas, muito utilizadas em publicações oficiais.

"Anvisa publishes (...) the Controlled Vocabulary of Pharmaceutical Forms, Pathways of Administration and Packaging of Medicines." The publication will be available on the Agency's website, under the link 'Medicamentos.' The booklet contains the standardization of nomenclatures and concepts related to Pharmaceutical forms, administration routes and packaging of medicinal products to be used as a primary reference, especially in the registration and post-registration of medicines.Another important aspect is the abbreviations of technical characteristics, widely used in official publications.

CDISC Clinical Research Glossary

"The CDISC Glossary (...) defines terms commonly used in clinical research (including acronyms, abbreviations, and initials). The Glossary serves the community of clinical researchers by selecting and defining terms pertaining to clinical research, particularly eClinical investigations, sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry or a federal agency. Note this CDISC Glossary is NOT comprehensive for all words bearing on human health, medicine, or laboratory methods.

Animal Disease Thesaurus

"The first section is an alphabetical arrangement of keyword terms. In this section the first 6 digits represent the code number, and the next 2 digits indicate the category in the hierarchical section of the Thesaurus. Digits are followed on the same line by corresponding keywords. The first word is the coded keyword term or concept, followed by a slash //, which separates the coded work from its next hierarchical level. (One, two, or three level hierarchical arrangement.)

ISPE Glossary of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Terminology

"The ISPE Glossary of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Terminology is the result of many years of gathering material from sources such as scientific journals, industrial magazines, professional organizations, the world wide web, industry seminars, company guides, vendor and manufacturer information, national and international codes, and diverse individuals. This compilation of abbreviations, acronyms, and terminology is a reference for engineers, designers, technicians, owners, contractors, and others in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.