Medical Subject Headings

"MeSH is the National Library of Medicine's controlled vocabulary thesaurus. It consists of sets of terms naming descriptors in a hierarchical structure that permits searching at various levels of specificity. MeSH descriptors are arranged in both an alphabetic and a hierarchical structure. At the most general level of the hierarchical structure are very broad headings such as 'Anatomy' or 'Mental Disorders'. More specific headings are found at more narrow levels of the twelve-level hierarchy, such as 'Ankle' and 'Conduct Disorder'. There are 26,142 descriptors in 2011 MeSH.

NASA Thesaurus

"The Hierarchical Listing With Definitions contains all subject terms and USE cross references currently approved for use, and displays the full hierarchical structure for each term along with a definition when available. In addition, the listing has been developed to serve as an orthographic authority for upper/lowercase forms of all terms and cross references. The term-added date, displayed for all terms added after April 1988, is also given.

Health Sciences Descriptors

"The concepts that characterize the DeCS vocabulary are organized in a tree structure allowing a search on broader or narrower terms or on all terms from the same tree within the hierarchical structure. DeCS is a dynamic vocabulary totaling 30,895 descriptors, of which 26,664 come from MeSH, and 4658 are exclusively DeCS. There is an addition of 2051 hierarchic codes from DeCS categories in 1491 MeSH descriptors. The following are the DeCS categories and their total number of descriptors: Health Surveillance (828); Homeopathy (1,944), Public Health (3,491); and Science and Health (219).

Australian Standard Classification of Drugs of Concern

"The Australian Standard Classification of Drugs of Concern (ASCDC) is the Australian statistical standard for classifying data relating to drugs which are considered to be of concern in Australian society. The ASCDC is essentially a classification of type of drug of concern based on the chemical structure, mechanism of action and effect on physiological activity of the drugs of concern. The classification of Type of Drug is described as the 'main classification structure' throughout the ASCDC document.

Tesauro de Propiedad Industrial

"Como resultado final de estas fases el Tesauro ha quedado configurado en 24 subcabeceras que incluyen un total de 1.702 términos, de los cuales 829 corresponden a descriptores y 873 a reenvíos.

"As a result of these phases, the Thesaurus has been configured in 24 sub-abbreviations that include a total of 1,702 terms, of which 829 correspond to descriptors and 873 to referrals.