Social sciences

MoTIF Pilot Thesaurus of Irish Folklore

"MoTIF, the pilot thesaurus of Irish folklore, is intended to accompany the Thesaurus Construction Guidelines: An Introduction to Thesauri and Guidelines on Their Construction and act as a sample thesaurus and demonstration of the international principles and best practices outlined in that document. The pilot thesaurus should not be considered a tool for indexing and retrieval of content. Rather, it can act as a base from which such a tool can be constructed.

Thésaurus DemoVoc

"Le thésaurus DemoVoc, qui vise à faciliter la recherche et l’indexation de la documentation en sciences de la population, est une adaptation du thésaurus Popin créé et maintenu par le CICRED (Comité International de Coopération dans les Recherches Nationales en Démographie) entre 1979 et 1993. Maintenu par l’INED, DemoVoc contient près 2500 descripteurs, il est mis à jour une fois par an."

"The thesaurus DemoVoc, which aims to facilitate searching and indexing of documents in the field of population studies, is derived from the Popin thesaurus, created and maintained by CICRED (Committee for International Cooperation in National Research in Demography) from 1979 to 1993. Maintained by INED, DemoVoc consist of around 2500 descriptors and is updated on a yearly basis."


"Dit is de zevende editie (2016) van de Justitiethesaurus opgesteld door het Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek- en Documentatiecentrum (WODC) van het ministerie van Justitie en Veiligheid. Deze thesaurus is door de directie Informatisering (DI) van het ministerie als standaard trefwoordenclassificatie vastgesteld voor het toegankelijk maken en terugvinden van Justitiële informatie in catalogi, documentatiebestanden en Justitiewebsites.

"This is the seventh edition (2016) of the Justice Thesaurus of the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security."

Land Portal Resource Types

"The Land Portal's Land Library contains highly curated metadata of over 20,000 land-related publications, articles and multimedia. The Land Portal aggregates this metadata from over 20 different sources, in addition to the resources that are added by users manually.
In order to combine these different databases that the Land Portal harvests metadata from, the Land Portal has needed to consolidate certain elements from these different databases to fit one standardized metadata structure in the Land Portal's Land Library.

LandVoc - the Linked Land Governance Thesaurus

"The Land Portal Foundation has taken the lead in the land governance sector to develop such a standardized vocabulary: LandVoc, the Linked Land Governance Thesaurus. LandVoc is mainly derived from FAO's Agrovoc (link is external), the standard Agriculture vocabulary, but links together many other vocabularies designed and/or used by land governance stakeholders on both a global and local level. LandVoc is always a working product, constantly being reviewed and improved. It is important to emphasize that LandVoc is not meant to serve as a glossary for land governance-related issues.