Pure Science

Wilson and Reeder's Mammal Species of the World

"Although the database will be updated in the future (edited by DeeAnn M. Reeder and Kristofer M. Helgen), it is not, and will not be continuously updated. The names are organized in a hierarchy that includes Order, Suborder, Family, Subfamily, Genus, Species and Subspecies. Records include the following fields: Scientific name, Author's name and year described, Original publication citation, Common name, Type Species, Type Locality, Distribution, Comments, Status, Synonyms.

Tesauro de Biología

"Tesauro para los materiales curriculares de las asignaturas de Biologia de nivel de bachillerato del sistema educativo español (17-18 años). 462 términos, 320 relaciones entre términos, 52 términos equivalentes."

"Thesaurus for the curricular materials of the biology subjects of the baccalaureate of the Spanish educational system (17-18 years) 462 terms, 320 relations between terms, 52 equivalent terms."

Classification of the Recent Crustacea

"This volume is an attempt to provide the reader, whether a seasoned systematist or a beginning student, with a glimpse into the enormous variety of extant crustaceans. The sheer number of categories that humans have constructed to contain and order this group is some indication of the incredible amount of morphological diversity they exhibit. But this is only a small part of the overall picture.

Classification of Living and Fossil Genera of Decapod Crustaceans

"We present an updated classification for the entire Crustacea Decapoda, listing all known families and genera organized by higher taxonomic groups and including estimates of the number of species in every genus. All taxonomic names are also linked to the verified literature in which they were described, the first compilation of its kind for the Decapoda. To arrive at this compilation, we began with the classification scheme provided by Martin & Davis (2001) for extant families, updated the higher classification and included the fossil taxa.

International Classification for Seasonal Snow on the Ground

"Since 1990 our collective knowledge of snow and the techniques we use to observe its characteristics have evolved. Thus, in 2003, the current classification (Colbeck et al., 1990) needed an update, but the users of the 1990 classification felt that corrections and additions should be kept to a minimum. Following the spirit of the previous editions, the Working Group on Snow Classification took care to again provide a concise document usable by user groups of quite different specialties: snow scientists, practitioners, scientists from other fields, as well as interested lay persons.

Thésaurus Urbamet

"L'application permet la recherche et l'affichage de ces thèmes et la circulation à travers les différents tableaux. Régulièrement actualisé et profondément remanié en 2001, le thésaurus présente aujourd'hui 4250 descripteurs répartis en 24 tableaux. Les synonymes et les 'Voir aussi' facilitent la recherche. Chaque descripteur n'appartient qu'à un seul tableau sémantique et son acception découle de la place qui lui a été assignée dans cette organisation."