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BGS Geoscience Thesaurus

"The BGS Geoscience Thesaurus contains approximately 6000 descriptor terms for concepts in the geoscience and related subjects. Some entries have scope notes to further explain the term. The original source of the data was the Australian Mineral Foundation thesaurus of geoscience; some terms have been added or updated to suit BGS needs and the content will continue to be updated as required. The thesaurus includes synonyms to descriptor terms, hierarchical relationships, symmetric (see also) relationships and lapsed (deprecated) term replacements."


"Het Aquo-lex biedt een ‘standaardtaal' die als doel heeft om spraakverwarring tussen mensen en/of informatiesystemen te voorkomen. Fouten die bij gegevensuitwisseling optreden, ontstaan namelijk vaak door verschil in betekenis. Aquo-lex, het ‘waterwoordenboek', bevat circa 7500 definities voor termen. Het gebruik van termen uit Aquo-lex en de daarbij horende definities leiden tot een betere uitwisseling van gegevens.

Het Aquo-lex kunt u op de volgende manieren gebruiken:

"The Aquo-lex provides a" default language "that aims to prevent speech confusion between people and / or information systems. Errors that occur in data exchange often arise because of differences in meaning. Aquo-lex, the" water dictionary ", contains approximately 7500 definitions for terms. The use of terms from Aquo lex and the corresponding definitions lead to better data exchange.

The Aquo lex can be used in the following ways:


"The SMGloM is a structured terminology for mathematics. It combines lexical information about the 'Words of Mathematics' (in multiple languages) with semantic information about their dependencies. Multiple services can be derived from this terminology, e.g. a classical glossary and a math dictionary."