Philosophy and Psychology

Lehreinheit Philosophie Bibliothekssystematik

"In der historischen Abteilung ist die philosophische Primär- und Sekundärliteratur untergebracht. Geordnet wird in dieser Gruppe chronologisch nach den Geburtsjahren der Philosophen, beginnend bei -800 (Zarathustra). Das Geburtsjahr wird primärer Bestandteil der Standortsignatur. In die Signatur eingearbeitet werden außerdem ein Namenskürzel und das Erscheinungsjahr des vorliegenden Titels bzw. das Jahr des Erscheinens der Erstausgabe. (...) In der systematischen Abteilung sind alle Werke untergebracht, die aus formalen Gründen aus der historischen Abteilung ausgegliedert sind, so z.B.

"In the historical department the philosophical primary and secondary literatures are placed, arranged chronologically according to the birth years of the philosophers, beginning with -800 (Zarathustra), the year of birth being a primary part of the site signature And the year of publication of the present title, or the year of publication of the first edition. (...) In the systematic section, all works are subdivided from the historical section for formal reasons, eg bibliographies, lexicons, , But also introductions, philosophical histories, or works from other areas of knowledge.

International Psychoanalytic University Bibliothekssystematik

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Clinician's Thesaurus

"With over 350,000 in print, the Clinician's Thesaurus is an indispensable practitioner resource and course text. It presents thousands of standard words, phrases, clinical tips, and interview questions to help practitioners conduct thorough assessments, accurately describe nearly any clinical situation, and shape clinical observations into effective reports. Finding exactly the right terminology can save hours of paperwork time and improve the quality of documentation.

Tesauro italiano di bioetica

"Il Tesauro italiano di bioetica nasce nell’ambito del progetto SIBIL (Sistema Informativo per la Bioetica In Linea), che ha realizzato fra l’altro un archivio della letteratura bioetica prodotta in Italia dal 1995 ad oggi. Questo tesauro, costruito al fine di rendere efficace l’indicizzazione e il recupero dei documenti, è il primo prodotto nel suo genere in lingua italiana, e con i suoi circa 1.000 termini racchiude tutti i concetti essenziali del linguaggio bioetico specialistico e delle discipline correlate."

"The Italian on Bioethics Thesaurus born in the SIBIL project (Information System for Bioethics Online), which has produced, among other things an archive of bioethics literature produced in Italy from 1995 to present. This thesaurus, built in order to make effective indexing and retrieval of documents, it is the first product of its kind in Italian, and with its approximately 1,000 terms encompasses all the essential concepts of bioethics specialist language and related disciplines. "

Vocabulari de la psicologia del condicionament i de l’aprenentatge

"Aquest web és una interfície de consulta en línia del Vocabulari de la psicologia del condicionament i de l’aprenentatge, amb indicació de la freqüència d’ús dels mots i de llurs equivalències en anglès, de Lluís Garcia i Sevilla i Adriana Garau i Florit. Aquest vocabulari va ser guardonat amb el IX Premi Marià Aguiló l’any 1978, de l’Institut d’Estudis Catalans.

"This is a web interface for consultation online vocabulary conditioning and psychology of learning, indicating the frequency of use of words and their English equivalents, and Louis Garcia Sevilla and Adriana Garau and flowers . This vocabulary was awarded the Prize Marià Aguiló IX in 1978, the Institute of Catalan Studies.