Fakultät für Philologie, Fachbereichsbibliothek Slavistik Systematik

"Systematik: Sprachtheorie, Beschreibung rezenter slavischer Einzelsprachen, Sprachgeschichte / Semiotik / Literaturtheorie, Literaturgeschichte, Autoren / Landeskunde ."

"Systematics: Linguistics, Description of Slavic Individual Languages, Linguistics / Semiotics / Literary Theory, Literary History, Authors / Reginal studies."

Glossary of Literary Terms

"This book defines and discusses terms, critical theories, and points of view that are commonly used to classify, analyze, interpret, and write the history of works of literature. The individual entries, together with the guides to further reading included in most of them, are oriented especially toward undergraduate students of English, American, and other literatures. Over the decades, however, they have proved to be a useful work of reference also for advanced students, as well as for the general reader with literary interests."

Star Wars Thesaurus

"The Thesaurus lists the authority name, nicknames (including military and civilian titles), use for names, related planet (usually homeworld), political alliance/related alliance, and related characters for each Principal Character. Nicknames will appear only under the main entry, and will not have a separate entry traced to the main entry. The Thesaurus is limited to Principal Characters only, as the many minor or supporting characters frequently lacked enough descriptive information to be included in the Thesaurus categories.