History and Geography

Systematik zur Hethitischen Bibliographie

"Mit der vorliegenden Aktualisierung wird die durchgehend geführte Autorenbibliographie im HethitologiePortal um eine systematische Klassifizierung erweitert, die den Zugang und die Orientierung in der neuen wissenschaftlichen Produktion nach unterschiedlichen thematischen und methodischen Aspekten sowie Spezialisierungen auf dem Gebiet der Hethitologie und der anatolischen Archäologie zu erleichtert – mit der notwendigen Ausdehnung auf verwandte Disziplinen und angrenzende Gebiete.

"The present update extends the continuous bibliography of the author in the HethitologiePortal with a systematic classification that facilitates access and orientation in new scientific production according to different thematic and methodological aspects as well as specializations in the field of hittitology and anatolian archeology The necessary extension to related disciplines and adjacent areas.

CRS Named-Entity Subject Terms Used in THOMAS

"Legislative analysts from the Congressional Research Service (CRS) closely examine the content of each bill and resolution and assign (index) as many Subject terms as are required to describe the measure's substance and effects. Beginning with the 111th Congress, all legislative measures are assigned at least one Subject term drawn from the terms presented at CRS Legislative Subject Terms. Searchable Subjects also include a large number of terms corresponding to geographic areas (foreign and domestic), U.S. government entities, and congressional committees shown in the list below."

Centro de Documentación INTAL Tesauro

"Este servicio permite realizar búsqueda por temas, navegando por las diferentes áreas de conocimiento y seleccionando el ó los términos para realizar una consulta. Los términos se ordenan jerárquicamente mostrando la relación de especificidad entre unos y otros."

"This service allows you to search by topics, navigating the different areas of knowledge and selecting the term or terms to make a query. The terms are hierarchically ordered showing the relationship of specificity between them."

Schemi di Classificazione

"Il materiale è organizzato per materie che rispecchiano l’orientamento specialistico della Biblioteca, particolarmente attento alle discipline storico-religiose, attinenti alla tradizione religiosa e liturgica bizantina. Sono state previste 31 classi, più una dedicata alle Collezioni, individuate da numeri, all’interno delle quali l’ordinamento è per formato ( da I a V) e quindi per numero progressivo."

"The material is organized for subjects that reflect the library's specialized orientation, particularly attentive to religious-historical disciplines, related to the Byzantine religious and liturgical tradition. There are 31 classes, plus one dedicated to the Collections, identified by numbers, The order of which is sorted by format (from I to V) and then by progressive number. "

Classification of the Morrison Collection in Toyo Bunko

"The Morrison Collection: This collection was painstakingly amassed by George Ernest Morrison during his 20-year residency in Beijing. Contains approximately 24,000 volumes in Western languages dealing with China and its neighbors and includes about 1,000map/lithograph titles, about 7,200 pamphlets, and over 120 periodicals. Of particular value are 54 editions of Marco Polo's Description of the World including a copy of the first Latin printing in 1485.