History and Geography

CERL Thesaurus

"The CERL Thesaurus File is a unique facility developed to address the particularly European issue that place name and personal names in Europe varied from country to country in the period of hand press printing (1450 - c. 1830). As such, it is an essential research tool for scholars and researchers of the period. The CERL Thesaurus file contains forms of imprint places, imprint names, personal names and corporate names as found in material printed before the middle of the nineteenth century - including variant spellings, forms in Latin and other languages, and fictitious names.

International Contact Ontology

"This ontology provides basic classes and more detailed properties for representating international street addresses, phone numbers and emails. Rather than using existing ontologies, such as vcard, it was decided to create a new one as the vcard and foaf ignore the details of international addresses, phone numbers, etc. The important part of the ontology are the object and data properties used to describe addresses primarily and phone numbers."

Thesaurus für Parlamentsmaterialien

"Die Parlamentsdokumentation unterstützt Sie (.) mit dem Thesaurus 'PARTHES'. Er enthält einen festgelegten Wortschatz an Schlagworten, die den Dokumenten zugeordnet werden. Aber auch Synonyme werden im Thesaurus vollständig erfasst und verweisen auf das festgelegte Schlagwort; so wird das Schlagwort 'Extremismus' benutzt für das Synonym 'Radikalismus'. Sie können in einem solchen Fall mit beiden Bezeichnungen suchen, da die Verweisung sicherstellt, dass Sie auch mit 'Radikalismus' alle mit 'Extremismus' erschlossenen Dokumente finden.

"The parliamentary documentation supports you (.) With the thesaurus 'PARTHES', which contains a fixed vocabulary of slogans which are assigned to the documents, but also synonyms are fully recorded in the thesaurus and refer to the keyword 'Used for the synonym' radicalism ', you can search for both terms in such a case, since the referral ensures that you can also find with' radicalism 'all the documents found with' extremism ' The terms contained in 'PARTHES' accurately represent the parliamentary work.To determine whether your search word is included in the thesaurus, you can call the t