History and Geography

Continent Name Authority List

"The continent authority table is a controlled vocabulary providing a list of continents. This table is an internal table at the Publications Office of the European Union derived from the country authority table."

Tesauro da Justiça Militar da União

"O TesJMU tem por finalidade padronizar a linguagem de representação temática dos documentos constitutivos das bases de informação dos órgãos da Justiça Militar da União, com vistas a facilitar a recuperação de informações por seus usuários internos – magistrados e servidores – e externos – advogados, cidadãos e outras instituições do Poder Judiciário. Além disso, os servidores poderão indexar os conteúdos utilizando apenas uma fonte de termos, o que contribui para a uniformidade da organização das informações.

MoTIF Pilot Thesaurus of Irish Folklore

"MoTIF, the pilot thesaurus of Irish folklore, is intended to accompany the Thesaurus Construction Guidelines: An Introduction to Thesauri and Guidelines on Their Construction and act as a sample thesaurus and demonstration of the international principles and best practices outlined in that document. The pilot thesaurus should not be considered a tool for indexing and retrieval of content. Rather, it can act as a base from which such a tool can be constructed.

Vocabulaire Préhistoire et protohistoire

"Vocabulaire contrôlé utilisé pour l'indexation des références bibliographiques de la base de données FRANCIS 'Préhistoire et protohistoire' (1972 à 2015, http://pascal-francis.inist.fr/)."

"Controlled vocabulary used for indexing bibliographical records for the 'Prehistory and Protohistory' FRANCIS database (1972-2015, http://pascal-francis.inist.fr/)."

Thot - Thesauri & Ontology for documenting Ancient Egyptian Resources

"(...) the Department of Egyptology of the University of Liege, in collaboration with the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and the Saxon Academy of Sciences in Leipzig (Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae), is now developing Thot, a set of resources for documenting and encoding ancient Egyptian resources in a shared, interoperable approach.

Linked Heritage Glossary

The main goals were: 1) to contribute large quantities of new content to Europeana, from both the public and private sectors; 2) to demonstrate enhancement of quality of content, in terms of metadata richness, re-use potential and uniqueness; 3) to demonstrate enable improved search, retrieval and use of Europeana content."

Thesaurus Onroerend Erfgoed Besluit Types

"Een thesaurus is een, meestal hiërarchische, woordenlijst die wordt gebruikt om terminologie te standaardiseren. Onze thesauri worden gebruikt om informatie te helpen indexeren en terugvinden in onze databanken. (...) We stellen onze thesauri samen met een bijzondere aandacht voor onze lokale Vlaamse situatie, zonder internationale thesauri zoals de Art & Architecture Thesaurus en de thesauri van Historic England uit het oog te verliezen."

"A thesaurus is a mostly hierarchical list of words used to standardize terminology. Our thesauri are used to index and find information in our databases. (...) We construct our thesauri with special attention to our local Flemish situation, but without losing sight of international thesauri such as the Art & Architecture Thesaurus and the thesauri of Historic England."