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Tesauro de Ciencias de la Documentación

"El propósito de esta sede web es la publicación en línea del Tesauro de Ciencias de la Doumentación 'DOCUTES' elaborado por el Área de Biblioteconomía y Documentación de la Universidad de León gracias al Proyecto de Investigación concedido por la Consejería de Educación y Cultura de la Junta de Castilla y León en el año 2000. El proyecto se inscribe dentro de la categoría de ayudas concedidas para la 'Potenciación de las prácticas y la acción tutorial a través de la creación de material adecuado'.

"The purpose of this web site is the online publication of the Thesauri of Sciences of the Documenation 'DOCUTES' prepared by the Library and Documentation Department of the University of León thanks to the Research Project granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Junta de Castilla y León in the year 2000.

Book Industry Communication Standard Subject Categories

"The BIC Standard Subject Categories & Qualifiers scheme is the standard classification scheme for the UK book trade and other English language markets. Version 2.1 of the BIC scheme (BIC2.1) was released in December 2010. It updates and expands the previous Version 2.0. Note that all codes in BIC2.0 are included in BIC2.1 (although some headings have been modified, typically to update terminology or clarify scope)."

Basic Formal Ontology

"BFO grows out of a philosophical orientation which overlaps with that of DOLCE and SUMO. Unlike these, however, it is narrowly focused on the task of providing a genuine upper ontology which can be used in support of domain ontologies developed for scientific research, as for example in biomedicine within the framework of the OBO Foundry. Thus BFO does not contain physical, chemical, biological or other terms which would properly fall within the special sciences domains.

SCIS Subject Headings

"Includes subject headings specific to Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands. Free 5 day trial, customers pay an annual subscription fee. SCIS Subject Headings is a comprehensive controlled vocabulary developed specifically to provide subject access in library catalogues in Australian and New Zealand schools. Both SCIS Subject Headings and Schools Online Thesaurus terms are used by SCIS Cataloguing Agencies when selecting or devising appropriate subject access for resources added to the SCIS database.

Centre Bruxellois de Documentation Pédagogique Thésaurus

"Si vous voulez rechercher des documents sur une thématique particulière mais que vous ne l'a retrouvée pas en naviguant dans le thésaurus, essayez de la retrouver via la recherche par termes. Il suffit d'introduire le terme ou les termes de recherche et la recherche est alors effectuée uniquement sur le thésaurus. Plus de 38000 termes."

If you want to search for documents on a particular topic but you have not found it by browsing the thesaurus, try to find it via the search by terms. Simply enter the term or search terms and the search is then performed only on the thesaurus. More than 38,000 terms

Tesauro de Redes de Ordenadores

"En el desarrollo de este Tesauro se han incluido un total de 262 términos, siendo de ellos 167 Descriptores y 95 No Descriptores. Y en cuanto a las relaciones, se presentan 31 Relaciones de Asociación y 135 Relaciones de Jerarquía."

"In the development of this thesaurus, a total of 262 terms have been included, of which 167 are descriptors and 95 are descriptors, and 31 relations of association and 135 relations of hierarchy are presented."

British Education Thesaurus

"The British Education Index continues to serve its original, 50-year old, purpose as an independent subject and author index to the contents of significant education journals published in the UK. Within limitiations imposed by its self-financing status, the BEI also seeks to identify information from an increasingly diverse research environment, particularly addressing texts on the Internet and events, as detailed below.

Bioinformatics Web Services Ontology

"The Bioinformatics Web Services ontology (OBIws) is an ontology that extends the Ontology for Biomedical Investigations (OBI) to build an Ontology that supports consistent annotation of Bioinformatics Web services. We also consider reuse of terms available from the EMBRACE Data And Methods (EDAM) ontology. We follow a systematic methodology for enriching OBI with terms to support Web service Annotation. This process involves the design of ontology analysis diagrams for Web services and their subsequent analysis to discover terms that need to be added to the ontology.