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"Iconclass is a subject-specific classification system. It is a hierarchically ordered collection of definitions of objects, people, events and abstract ideas that serve as the subject of an image. Art historians, researchers and curators use it to describe, classify and examine the subject of images represented in various media such as paintings, drawings and photographs. Numerous institutions across the world use Iconclass to describe and classify their collections in a standardized manner.

Muotoilun ja viestinnän asiasanasto

"Muotoilun ja viestinnän asiasanasto on suomenkielinen muotoilun, viestinnän sekä käsi- ja taideteollisuusalan erikoissanasto. Sanasto sisältää noin 2500 varsinaista asiasanaa ja lähes 400 ohjaustermiä, jotka ohjaavat hyväksytyn asiasanan käyttöön. Asiasanasto käsittää asiasanojen käyttö-, korjaus- ja täydennysohjeet sekä aakkosellisen sanasto-osan ja liitteet. Muotoilun ja viestinnän asiasanasto on rakenteeltaan tesaurustyyppinen, eli siinä näkyvät asiasanojen väliset yleisimmät semanttiset suhteet.

"Design and communication thesaurus is in Finnish design, communication, and arts and crafts specialty vocabulary. The dictionary contains about 2500 actual key words and almost 400 control term, which control the approved free word use. Index comprises of keywords use, repair and further instructions, and the alphabetical dictionary part and attachments. Design and communication thesaurus is constructed tesaurustyyppinen, that is, it refers to the most common semantic relationships between key words.

Musiikin asiasanasto

"Musiikin asiasanasto (MUSA) on yksikielinen musiikin indeksointiin tarkoitettu erikoissanasto, joka noudattaa Yleisen suomalaisen asiasanaston (YSA) periaatteita ja rakennetta. Musiikin asiasanasto on tarkoitettu käytettäväksi musiikkia käsittelevien kirjojen ja artikkelien sekä kaikkien musiikkitallenteiden (nuottijulkaisut, äänitteet jne.) indeksointiin ja tiedonhakuun. Sanasto ohjaa tiedontallentajia ja -hakijoita käyttämään yhteistä kieltä. Musiikin asiasanaston laadinnassa on noudatettu Suomenkielisen tesauruksen laatimis- ja ylläpito-ohjeita (SFS 5471).

"Music Thesaurus (MUSA) is one of the language special vocabulary for music indexing, which complies with the principles and structure of the Finnish General Thesaurus (YSA). Thesaurus music is intended for use in the music of the books and articles, as well as all recorded music (printed music, sound recordings, etc.) for indexing and information retrieval. Glossary tiedontallentajia guides and job-seekers to use a common language. compiling a thesaurus to music have been observed in Finnish, thesaurus preparation and maintenance instructions (SFS 5471).

WITNESS Media Archive Topic Terms

"At present, only our Topic Terms are accessible online, but we will be adding our other vocabularies in the near future. This thesaurus of topic terms is exportable in various XML schemas. We welcome others to use and adapt these terms for their own purposes. Included in the Topics are broad concepts (e.g. Accountability, Due Process, Women’s Rights) as well as more literal or visually descriptive terms (e.g. Scenics and Beauty Shots, Crowds). Some terms are applicable in both senses (e.g. Water).

International Classification of the Figurative Elements of Marks

"The Vienna Classification constitutes a hierarchical system that proceeds from the general to the particular, classifying the figurative elements of marks into categories, divisions and sections, on the basis of their shape. This publication contains the seventh edition of the Classification, which comprises a total of: 29 categories, 145 divisions, 806 main sections, and 903 auxiliary sections.
The examples of figurative elements relating to certain divisions, are included for information purposes only, and are therefore not an integral part of the Classification."

International Classification for Industrial Designs

"The Locarno Classification (LOC) is an international classification used for the purposes of the registration of industrial designs. It was set up by an agreement concluded at a diplomatic conference held in Locarno in 1968: the Locarno Agreement Establishing an International Classification for Industrial Designs. The Locarno Classification comprises a list of classes and subclasses with explanatory notes and an alphabetical list of goods in which industrial designs are incorporated, with an indication of the classes and subclasses into which they fall."

Thésaurus Urbamet

"L'application permet la recherche et l'affichage de ces thèmes et la circulation à travers les différents tableaux. Régulièrement actualisé et profondément remanié en 2001, le thésaurus présente aujourd'hui 4250 descripteurs répartis en 24 tableaux. Les synonymes et les 'Voir aussi' facilitent la recherche. Chaque descripteur n'appartient qu'à un seul tableau sémantique et son acception découle de la place qui lui a été assignée dans cette organisation."