Arts and Recreation

Tesauro Turístico Argentino

"Este vocabulario presenta la organización conceptual del turismo en la Argentina y en particular la visión que se ofrece desde el Ministerio de Turismo de la Nación. Permite la navegación por su estructura evidenciando relaciones lógico-semánticas entre los términos."

"This vocabulary presents the conceptual organization of tourism in Argentina and in particular the vision that is offered by the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation, allowing navigation through its structure evidencing logical-semantic relationships between the terms."

Suomalainen esityskokoonpanosanasto

"Suomalainen esityskokoonpanosanasto (SEKO) on yksikielinen musiikin esityskokoonpanot kattava sanasto. Sanasto on tarkoitettu käytettäväksi nuotti- ja av-aineiston sisältämien sävellysten esityskokoonpanojen täsmälliseen indeksointiin ja tiedonhakuun.

"The Finnish Presentation Composition (SEKO) is a single-language vocabulary covering music presentations. The vocabulary is intended for accurate indexing and retrieval of compositional compositions in the notes and avs.
The vocabulary is primarily intended for use in the presentation of a presentation set in the MARC 21 bibliographic records and authority records field 382 but may also be used in the artist's remarks (in MARC 21 bibliographic records field 511). The glossary is available in both the RDA description guidelines and the old Finnish inventory rules.


" is a collaborative project dedicated to defining the intellectual concepts of pottery following the tenets of linked open data and the formulation of an ontology for representing and sharing ceramic data across disparate data systems. While the project is focused primarily on the definition of concepts within Greek black- and red-figure pottery, is extensible toward the definition of concepts in other fields of pottery studies."

Music Vocabulary


"A vocabulary, or music ontology, to describe classical music and performances. Classes (categories) for musical works, events, instruments and performers, as well as related properties are defined. Make sure to distinguish musical works (e.g. Opera) from performance events (Opera_Event), or works (String_Quartette) from performer (StringQuartetEnsemble in this vocab), whose natural language terms are used interchangeblly.

The Design Intent Ontology

"The Design Intent Ontology (DIO) is a generic ontology that provides the conceptualisation needed to capture the knowledge generated during various phases of the overall design lifecycle. It provides definitions for design artifacts such as requirements, designs, design issues, solutions, justifications and evidence and relationships between them to represent the design process and how these things lead to design outcomes. It draws upon the paradigms of IBIS(Issue Based Information System), argumentation and design rationale.

ECLAP, Performing Arts Vocabulary

"The ECLAP vocabulary provide classes and properties for the description of multimedia content related with performing arts. It includes classes for the description of the kind of media used (Video, Audio, Document, etc.), classes for the description of annotations on media (One2One, Explosive), it includes properties for people involved in the creation process as performing arts professionals like (director, actor, mime, clown, etc.), and it includes properties relating the Users with content, groups and annotations (...)."