Arts and Recreation

Thesaurus of Outdoor Recreation Terms

"Presented in this thesaurus are keywords and cross references for the indexing and retrieval of outdoor recreation literature. It was compiled to facilitate the development of a common language for outdoor recreation planning, programming, research, and resource management. Terms selected are pertinent to both the natural and physical resources, their value, management, development, and user requirements.

Slide Classification System for the Organization and Automatic Indexing of Interdisciplinary Collections of Slides and Pictures

"Almost all disciplines make extensive use of the resources provided by slide libraries and picture collections. Growing demands for pictorial material have stimulated a concern for making slide and picture collections more useful and more usable by better physical arrangement and more thorough indexing. The system provides a classification scheme for the organization of general collections of slides and pictures with a broad subject coverage as opposed to the more typical slide classification system which deals with a single subject field.

Star Wars Thesaurus

"The Thesaurus lists the authority name, nicknames (including military and civilian titles), use for names, related planet (usually homeworld), political alliance/related alliance, and related characters for each Principal Character. Nicknames will appear only under the main entry, and will not have a separate entry traced to the main entry. The Thesaurus is limited to Principal Characters only, as the many minor or supporting characters frequently lacked enough descriptive information to be included in the Thesaurus categories.

Thesaurus Pavillon Bosio - École Supérieure d'Arts Plastiques

"La spécificité du cursus dispensé au Pavillon Bosio est de transmettre à ses étudiants une formation polyvalente en Art & Scénographie, et de leur donner les outils pour qu’ils puissent transposer leur recherche personnelle aux espaces de la scène comme à ceux de l’exposition."

"The specificity of the curriculum given at the Bosio Pavilion is to provide its students with a versatile training in Art & Scenography and to give them the tools they need to translate their personal research into the spaces of the stage as well as those of the exhibition . "


"Die Hornbostel-Sachs-Systematik ist ein Klassifikationssystem für Musikinstrumente. Sie wurde 1914 von Erich Moritz von Hornbostel und Curt Sachs in der Zeitschrift für Ethnologie unter dem Titel Systematik der Musikinstrumente. Ein Versuch. veröffentlicht. Sie ist das heute am weitesten verbreitete System zur Einteilung von Musikinstrumenten. (...) Die Hornbostel-Sachs-Systematik ist hierarchisch aufgebaut. Jeder Kategorie entspricht eine Zahl, wobei in jedem Detaillierungsschritt eine Ziffer angefügt wird, so dass die Anzahl der Ziffern mit zunehmender Konkretisierung anwächst.

"The Hornbostel-Sachs system is a classification system for musical instruments, published in 1914 by Erich Moritz von Hornbostel and Curt Sachs in the Zeitschrift fur Ethnologie under the title Systematik der Musikinstrumente Classification of musical instruments (...) The Hornbostel-Sachs system has a hierarchical structure, each category corresponds to a number, with a number being added in each detail step, so that the number of digits increases with increasing concretization Of the number, while further characters (-,:,], +) allow the notation of special meanings. "